At Tae Yun Kim International University, one activity that our Warriors experience is: ARCHERY!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches that archery isn’t just about shooting arrows at targets, but it is symbolic of our lives.

When you focus on a goal in your life (like a target), you have to be calm and determined.  You can’t let the environment distract you.  It takes effort to reach your goal (just like pulling the string on the bow takes effort) and sometimes, when you aim, you miss the target.

Do you give up?

No!  It takes Practice to achieve your goals!  You have to be determined and try again and again, adjusting your aim slightly in order to hit your target!

Warrior Sarang had a fantastic experience learning about archery!

Great Grandmaster Kim works with Warrior Sarang on aiming

Warrior Sarang takes aim!

Warrior Sarang - Archer!

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