There is a universal Creative Force which brought the universe into existence.  It also brought you into being.  What is the essence of this Creative Force?  What is it made of?  Energy.

The universal Creative force is energy, which takes form as your individuality, your body, your mind, your spirit, your life, and your world.  this energy is called "ki" in many eastern traditions ( pronounced key, and sometimes spelled "qi"), prana in Indian or Hindu traditions, chi by the Chinese, and more recently life force in the west.

You and this creative life force of the universe - you and this original ki - are unified, fused together as the same field of energy.  Silent Master or Silent Master consciousness is the expression I use to describe this original, pure life force as it exists within you personally.  So your Silent Master is your original Self, made of original universal creative energy; and you are this Self right now.  Your physical Self is just one part of your total energy field.  But if you aren't aware that you are this universal ki energy... if you don't know how much power is in this energy,.. if you don't know you can direct this energy...if you don't know, in short, that your Silent Master is your true original Self, and the source of your personal ki energy...then you are most likely limiting your creative abilities.  On the other hand, if you are consciously aware of how to tap into your Silent Master consciousness - and direct your pure ki energy - you might achieve far more than you presently dream possible.

In doing the bed of nails demonstration, I like to show people how limited their concept of energy might be.  During that time, there are a lot of different energies coming at me all at once.  Gravity is pushing my back against the nails; biological energy is beating my heart and keeping my vital functions going; the potientil energy of the material sledge hammer poised in the air is rapidly changing into powerful kinetic energy as it slams into the cinder blocks on my stomach; my mental energy is aware of this entire proceeding and of the necessity to protect myself; and my emotional energy is feeling possible dangerous consequences.

If I were to focus only on these energies, I could be limited to many commonly accepted expectations surrounding these energies  Let's say on general expectation is that gravity, puts my body weight, plus the force of the sledge hammer should cause the nails to puncture my back or at least hurt me.  the general expectation surrounding my mental energy is that I should know better than to put myself in that dangerous situation and I should get out of it, and that expectation surrounding my emotional energy is that I should be afraid.  So many "shoulds"!   I break what many people consider "rules," and yet I do not suffer any consequences.  Why do you think this is?

The reason is, my meditative state, I rise to my Silent Master Consciousness, where I am aware that my original ki is more powerful than these more limited forms of energy.  These limited forms of energy are subject to my control when I focus myself in my "higher" Silent Master energy, and I cannot get hurt.

By Great Grandmater Tae Yun Kim
author of the "The First Element" - Secrets to Maximizing your Energy


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