BTW - Thoughts underneath your desires manifest too...


On page 33, of “Seven Steps to Inner Power,” Dr. Tae Yun Kim uses an example,

“For instance, you may say, ‘I desire to build a new house’” and ask us, “Let’s consider two different sets of supporting thoughts behind this desire…” because the thoughts behind the desire will manifest also or along with one’s goal.

Before meeting Dr Kim, I never stopped to think what emotions or thoughts were really behind goals or desires I had.

I just thought on the surface level. Like, on the surface a goal like, “I desire to build a new house” sounds all good. If someone commented that to me, I’d just have thought, yes, that’s a good goal.

But Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches that what is deep down in us, i.e. whatever our real motivation or purpose behind achieving a goal or desire is, affects the outcome of our goals.

And that even something that sounds like a positive goal, can end up not positive - if the thoughts behind it are not positive.

For example, when I was in high school my goal was to get all A’s. That sounds like a good goal. But when I think back on it, my goal to get all A’s had some unsavory emotions churning behind it.

I didn’t focus on getting all A’s out of a desire to really, truly gain knowledge from my classes. Instead I was focused on getting all A’s so that my parents would be proud of me, so I could get into a good college (which I thought was the only path to a good life – I was wrong on that one), and to keep up with my group of friends, who all were (I felt) much smarter than I was.

Looking back, while I generally achieved the words of my goal,  getting good grades in school didn’t make me happier really. And I didn’t really learn the subjects, I just learned what I needed to learn to get a good grade.

If I’d had a different motivation for getting all A’s – for instance a true desire and quest to learn and gain knowledge, I bet today that I would actually remember much more of what I ‘learned’ in school, 25+ years ago.

So besides setting good goals, and achieving our goals, remember how Dr. Kim has explained that the positive or negative motivations we have behind our goals, are just as important as our goals themselves.

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