One of my favorite things, as Dr. Tae Yun Kim's student, is to simply walk with her through nature.  She will bend down every few steps and point out this herb or that flower and tell about the qualities each has.  It's amazing, and it's knowledge she acquired not only through her traditional training with her Master in the Korean mountains, but even before that when she was trying to survive the Korean War, as a little abandoned girl.

What used to look like common weeds to me, suddenly became food and medicine.

Take "sook" for example.  We call it mugwort, and it grows all over the world.  In some cultures it is dried and burned or smoked, to enhance dreaming and become more spiritual.  The ancient Romans used to put it into their sandals to prevent their feet from hurting and it became known as the "travelers weed."

It is also known, when eaten or taken as tea, to settle the digestive system, help the female reproductive system, and has a generally calming influence.

Dr. Kim's favorite way to benefiting from this humble plant, is to either dip it into a light batter, made of egg, water, yucca root flour, ground up flax seeds and chia seeds, hemp seeds and sometimes other natural, gluten free flours.  (But really, any batter works!)  Then the tender leaves are fried, very gently, until light brown and crispy.  This is so delicious!

If you want to try this - please be sure you consult with someone who can for sure identify plants well!


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