“Practice makes perfect” is a very famous quote we hear a lot when we enjoy our hobbies or practicing activities like: swimming, basketball, fitness, training at Jung SuWon, learning math, reading, and many other related areas! However, through my training with Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, I have found this quote to be applicable to literally everything!

For example, I was a very shy person. It was hard for me to approach others, start a conversation, and draw relationships between each other. I was an introverted person.

However, through my training at Jung SuWon, I was constantly exposed to speaking and working with my peers during my training. As I became more senior in rank, I had to teach other students how to execute certain techniques and exercises. This grew from me working with one person, to small groups, to leading large classes, and eventually speaking in front of hundreds to thousands of people at demonstrations! When I attend events, I appear to be a natural, speaking in front of large crowds, but little do they know, it took years and years of practice, which was guided and encouraged by my Master.

Now as an instructor on the dojang floor of Jung SuWon Martial Art school, what we have our students practice isn’t just kicking and punching, but skills related to public speaking, working with others, managing classes, learning and practicing minor functions of the business. We take the idea of training outside of our lives and find new skills to acquire, practice, and then perfect.

After my many years of training under Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, I have learned that practice makes perfect not only in my training, but in everything we do in our life. So, I encourage you (Yes, you!) to stay to not only complete a task or an activity, but enjoy the journey to strive towards perfection in what you do and broaden your experiences in life!

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