I feel blessed to live in a beautiful area of our country!  There is more nature and less concrete, and life is a little bit more leisurely.

I look around and marvel at the beauty that is right in front of me!  I'm reminded of the power of gratitude and of love.  Dr. Kim writes about gratitude in her book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:

“Experiencing gratitude is a simple way to connect with the love imparted to you and every idea in the universe. The direct experience of the consciousness of love is gratitude. Gratitude is the process of recognizing what is true. Gratitude is an act of awareness. Without awareness, there is no recognition of anything and, therefore, no love of anything.”

So, take a look around and find the beauty in your life!  And, beauty is also in the people around you!  Don't forget to show gratitude for your loved ones!

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