In “The First Element,” written by Dr. Tae Yun Kim,  CEO of the Silicon Valley high tech company, Lighthouse worldwide solutions and founder of Jung SuWon Martial Arts – Dr. Kim teaches about the energy, vibration, and impact of different colors.

    “Yellow is a very favorable vibration for mental or intellectual activity, as it promotes a clear state of mind. That’s why it is very helpful for heightening your awareness and alleviating depression, sadness, or any kind of despondency. Our sunlight is essentially yellow. Consider how beneficial sunlight feels when you need clarity or need to cheer up. The yellow vibration, whether in the form of pure light or yellow food, supports good digestion and elimination. When decorating remember that yellow, orange and red, the warm colors, tend to make a room look smaller, but also perhaps cozier. Intelligent, intuition, optimism and awareness are positive qualities associated with yellow. A diet to strengthen the yellow vibration includes pineapples, bananas, grapefruit, lemons and corn.”


Yellow has always been my favorite color. My very favorite dress as a little girl was yellow. But before reading Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s “The First Element,” I never stopped to think about why I liked yellow in particular. And I had never consciously realized that I really feel different - sunnier and brighter - when I see something that is yellow (as opposed  to other colors).

Now when I see or wear yellow, I notice that I really feel happy, or happier, for no reason. Seeing sunny yellow, my attitude is automatically sunnier too. This stands in stark contrast to how when its grey and rainy for many days, I find I start to feel down - and a little grey - just like the weather.

When then sun is out again, and its a sunny, bright spring day,  I instantly felt bright, upbeat, happy, and sunny again too. Thank the power of bright and sunny Yellow! Go Yellow! Sunny Side UP!


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