We work, fight and strive to have an easy life. We do our best to simplify life so we can live comfortably. If something is out of place or if it is something we are not willing to try, we reject it and make sure it has nothing to do with our life!

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim taught me the importance of embracing challenge in my life. She provides me with real-life experiences and examples every day! As an instructor and playing the role as a manager of Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy, I am constantly working with students and new members. They provide me insight and an understanding of the many life concepts that my Master has taught me!

Sparring in any martial art school is common practice. However, it is  the hardest concept and exercise students face all the time. I am often approached by parents representing a student and they comment, “My child is afraid to spar… My child loves coming to all the classes, but he/she doesn’t want to come to sparring… My child receives bruises from sparring, is there any way they can be removed from sparring?”

Sparring is a beautiful activity. It truly brings the best out of us. Yes, it induces fear, anxiety, and many other emotions, but it provides an opportunity for students to learn how to manage it. It’s especially important to spar against others when the odds are uneven, such as facing a partner that is outside of your weight class, someone with abilities that are superior to yours, be strapped to an object, which limits your abilities, and fend against an opponent, and even facing those who’s emotions are unstable. The truth is: sparring is like life. It teaches us how to deal with problems real-time and thus learning how to overcome challenge.

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable,” is what Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim taught me. She taught me this first in sparring when I, at 110 lbs., had to face someone almost a foot taller than me and weighing at almost 180 lbs. It was a hard, but enlightening lesson! As I continued to faced that challenge again and again, I began to learn my own strengths and their weaknesses. I started to understand how I could gain the upper hand and maintain my defense. However, the key ingredient to overcoming adversary was my attitude. It wasn’t until I started to willingly accept the circumstance did I begin to find solutions. Keeping not only a positive attitude is key, but an attitude in which we can accept the circumstance as it is, and then seek to make it better.

What we experience in the dojang at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy is life training. As students of the martial arts, Black Belt isn’t a goal, but a journey. The experiences on that journey can be correlated to challenges we face in our lives. Even if a new challenge is presented, it important that we embrace and welcome it because it grants us an opportunity to learn and become better. As we state at the end of our school’s Code of Ethics: we need to all strive to “ultimately become the Master of my Life.”

"He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!"

Jung Su!

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