Sometimes during lectures and classes, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, author, High Tech CEO, and founder of Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy holds up a pen and asked the audience what is this, what is it used for?

A pen – yes! Yes, it's uses for writing! If this pen is used to write a love note, what is it? If this same pen is used, instead, to stab someone, what is it? In one case the pen is a tool and in the other it's a weapon.

How can the pen be two things? It’s just a pen. What makes the difference? Our intent and focus.

I remembered Dr. Kim teaching about our intent/intentions (above) today when I ran across some photos taken a few years back of some of our young Jung SuWon warriors.

5-12 year old Jung Suwon students have so much energy that sometimes before class starts, they are really tempted to use the kicking bags hanging in the Do Jung,  serious pieces of martial arts training, for something looks a lot more like playing than training...

The pictures I found were taken during a sort of a ‘karma payback’ class - a couple years ago Jung Suwon too the class outdoors, to a park, and used the playground play structures as training tools!


If it’s a tool or weapon, a toy or training – I’ve learned from Dr. Tae Yun Kim that by our focus and intent, we decide!


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