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There are various reasons why people train in the martial arts. People want to be able to reduce stress, become more physically active, or to practice their focus and discipline. For others, training in the martial arts is more than that. One student at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy recently received his Black Belt and expressed how training has benefited his life. He has been a student for over 5 years. This is how he described receiving his Black Belt.

To me, earning a Black Belt is not like earning a trophy or a medal for winning a competition or participating in an event. It is symbolic for me overcoming my personal struggles.”

People face different challenges every day in their lives. It may be regarding relationships, money issues, drug or alcohol issues, gambling, parents, self-esteem, bullying or many other issues. As Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim declares, “If you don’t want any pain or suffering in your life, you are living on the wrong planet!”

This student expressed some of the challenges he faced before he started training.

“My time was spent doing drugs and drinking alcohol. My whole day revolved around this. Other times, I was at the casino gambling away any and all money that I had. Imagine a life full of vices that destroy people at some point in their lives. There I was entangled with these vices daily. I was young at the time, around 18, but I was headed down a path of personal destruction. I started drinking at age 14 and was on a downward spiral for the next 6 years.

My parents used to ask me what I was going to do with my life and I had no response for them. There was absolutely no vision or no career path. There was nothing to strive for and no motivation to do anything with my life. How can any son tell their parents they want to live a life doing drugs, selling drugs and gambling?”

Through the training, the student was able to overcome each of his addictions. He found that working out hard made him feel good physically. He found that meditating helped clear up his mental and emotional states. As he stayed sober, he recognized that he could live with a purpose free from all of these substances. In fact, it revitalized him to have a new outlook on life.

Training has been a journey for me. At first, I was able to overcome my physical addictions and habits. I was able to quit smoking, drugs, alcohol and gambling. After that, it became more of a spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. I’ve found through training that I was able to discover more about myself. It gave me a deeper clarity about myself and about my life and the life I want to tread. I can strongly attest that Jung SuWon training has not only made me physically stronger, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger. The benefits have been endless for me. I’ve become stronger and more flexible physically, I’ve become mentally stronger, I’ve been more emotionally stable and I have had more energy and determination.

Training at Jung SuWon has benefited me in a holistic manner as well. Achieving my Black Belt will be a symbol of overcoming my personal challenges. It is a major milestone for me in my life, but I take true pride in the journey and the process. I’ve been able to overcome many personal struggles that I can feel proud about. Earning my Black Belt will not only be a trophy or an award I can put on the wall, but an enduring life story that I can talk about.”

Jung SuWon training isn’t only about the physical aspects of punching and kicking. It is about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. People are faced with challenges and obstacles each and every day. However, each time we are faced with these challenges, we need to ask ourselves, “What we are going to do about it?” Are we going to be enslaved by our environment and issues or are we going to persevere and be determined to overcome these challenges? As Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim states, “The power is in you. What we do in our lives is our personal choice.”


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