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I love watching pets play!  They really know HOW to play!  It doesn't matter who is around, they just do what they do.  I would love to get on the floor and roll around with them and play.  So, what's stopping me?  As I thought about this more, I was reminded of this excerpt from Dr. Kim's first book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:

Tae Yun Kim

“...we all are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses.  And most of us live life as though we're "on stage", performing roles of mother, father, breadwinner, employee, employer, student, and so on.  As we perform, the strengths and weaknesses of our performances are constantly being evaluated, usually by ourselves, and certainly by others.”

Basically, I limit myself with how I think I might be evaluated by others.  We all do this, and I have to constantly remind myself that it's OK to be like a little child at times.  I have to focus on my life, improving myself, and not let what I think others might think get in the way.  Other's opinions can be very important, but I can't try to please everyone, I can only focus on trying to be the best person I can be.

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