As I own a social media account, we see a range of many people showing off their lives in various and creative ways. From selfies, to inspiring work or transformations, the latest cool thing (gadget/idea/movement/movie/cosplay) and to even the interesting concept of couple’s goals! I find (for those that own a social media account- particularly Instagram) it’s a way to self-promote one’s self. From a culture where only celebrities lived a life that was public to everyone’s private life, even things we could care less to know about, is now exposed to the world!
Although I find the concept an awesome tool to promote a one’s self and their brand, but I also see it creating a rift between the ideal public figure one tries to be from who one truly is. In other words, are we blinded by the likes and number of followers and driven by how many people value our outward appearances and ideas? How about simply being your number one fan and “liking” who you are every day? Why must we rely on another person’s opinion to accept ourselves?


Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim taught me the most important fundamental value: “Learn to love who you are.”

I found that this concept evolved with me overtime. It started with identifying not only my own strengths, but also my weaknesses; the unfavorable blemishes of my personality and who I was. To be honest, the latter concept took years for me to accept, and even when I had thought I had reached a settlement between myself, I found myself digging deeper as I began to openly observe other people’s behaviors and interactions. I would ask myself, “Gee, that’s awful how they are treating that person, am I doing that?”  Once I thought I was “perfect”, my Mentor taught me what irritates the heck out of me about another person, it’s likely that you possess that trait as well. So… why is it so easy for me to pass judgement when I myself possess that trait also?  This idea carried on to my relationships, and I don’t only mean the intimate relationship between lovers, but even our friendships, or our relationship as a parent or as a child. WE want OTHERS to LOVE us, but WE can’t seem to LOVE who WE ARE.

Ultimately, in my journey, I found myself discovering compassion and deep love towards my life and others, and it has allowed me to discover a continual desire to improve and advance myself in many aspects. This became a never-ending process and cycle, which became a healthy habit to acquire. In fact, even to this day, I’m finding new levels of my own self-love and acceptance. So how are you doing? Do you love yourself? In spite that you know where you lack, are you willing to make a change to improve yourself? My Master always told me, “Why wait? There’s no better moment than right now.”

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