I opened the pages of “Seven Steps to Inner Power” by Dr. Tae Yun Kim and this passage Dr. Kim, my mentor, wrote caught my eyes -

“When your Silent Master gives you a desire, it will never ask you to sacrifice something you need. That is contrary to its nature of love. When you find yourself at a crossroads and must make a choice, look closed to see if the so-called sacrifice is really a loss. Usually the things we give up to achieve a goal are  no longer needed or are unworthy of keeping. If you give up laziness to keep your workout schedule is that a loss? if you give up fear while learning something new, is that a loss?” Seven Steps to Inner Power, Dr. Tae Yun Kim


Absolutely I’ve seen this in my life.

To take my health as an example – in college I ate a LOT of fast and junk food.

I look back at pictures taken of me during college, and my skin had a real dead-blue-grey undertone to it. (Yuck!!)

At the time I didn’t realize it – but during even just my first year training at Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy my health improved dramatically. Through physical training and meditation I started to physically feel better and stronger, and as a result I instinctively I also started eating healthier.

At first eating healthy food vs. junk food wasn't a conscious choice - but soon I found eating healthy food made me feel better, while eating junk food made me feel yucky.

In college giving up so junk food would have felt like a sacrifice, but as I started to train and eat better and I started to feel healthier and stronger, not eating fast or junk food didn't feel like a sacrifice at all! And – in pictures just months after I started training, my skin looks healthy and alive!


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