My Dear Warrior,

I thank God for blessing me with my eyesight, my hearing, my legs, my hands, my toes – with good health, good friends, good family and most of all for you!

Today, I want to share with you one of my principles of mental conduct:

Learn from your mistakes.

We all make mistakes. Mistakes at work, mistakes on projects, mistakes in relationships…making mistakes is part of being human. No one likes to make a mistake. But admit it, we all do it!

We are constantly evaluating our “on-stage performance” in life and how we tend to hide our weaknesses to put ourselves in a better light, and hoping to give ourselves a higher performance rating. For the same reason, we tend to hide our mistakes. Just as we think a good performer can’t be weak, we think a good performer cannot make mistakes. So when we do make a mistake, the quicker we get it out of sight and “move on,” the better. Think about it for a moment. One of the fastest things we do is cover up a mistake, or excuse it, or justify it. We’ll do just about anything to get away from it except look long and hard at it.

Here’s the fact about mistakes. They are part of a natural feedback system in learning a task or accomplishing a goal. That’s all.

Mistakes are also essential to your progress. The minute you decide to achieve a goal that’s important to you, you will make mistakes. How did we humans get the idea that to be perfect we couldn’t make mistakes? Never making a mistake does not make us perfect. Never repeating a mistake (after we learn from it) is as perfect as we need to be.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you don’t have to worry about defending or hiding your mistakes. Experience the increased energy that comes from this freedom! Welcome your mistakes into your consciousness as your friends and teachers.

So, my friend, always know that you have the power in you. What you do in your life is your personal choice.GM White

Rejoice in the lessons of Pain & Hurt. They give you strength. They give you freedom!

Have a wonderful day! Share a smile with someone! I look forward to spending time with you again.

From my heart to your heart,

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Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!

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