Chapter 3:

color therapy

Your Environment is made of Ki Energy.
You and Your Environment Exchange Energy
Your Environment Radiates Energy
Color Imparts Vibrational Energy
Be Aware of the Power of Sound
Sound is Creative
What is your Inner Sound Creating?
Are your Five Senses Friends or Foes?energy vibrations

High Energy Transforms Low Energy
Guard Your Energy State
Use Breathing to Control Your Energy States
Use Meditation to Protect Your Energy
Exercises/ Meditation

When I first read through this list, I really didn't understand the these topics. But Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim develops these topics so you can easily under them and use them.
It is a great learning experience for those that are spiritual in nature. Hold on and be ready to learn very exciting concepts. We will explore these concepts and we continue into each of the chapters. Great Grandmaster teaches some of these concepts in private classes, in her Jung Suwon Academy of Martial Arts, and in her products. To see some of her products visit and learn more. Have fun reading and learning....

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