Since 2013, Jung Suwon Super Martial Arts have not only been participating at the Fremont Festival of the Arts with a booth but also, they have been coordinating the vendor booths and stage performances for the Kid City portion of the Fremont Festival of the Arts. This year was another success!

There were about 12 performances on stage from hula dance to dynamic martial art performances to beautiful singing portions and much more. The big crowd throughout the entire performances showed their enthusiasm with their loud cheer that echoed in the whole Kid City area.

During the Jung SuWon Martial Art demonstration, students from age 7 to 68 demonstrated  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim's teaching about the Can Do spirit! There were students who used to be shy that are now able to speak confidently in front of the big crowd. This transformation was very inspiring to many

Here are some of the photos from the Jung SuWon Super Martial Art’s booth and demonstration.


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