Energy.  How many times a day do you hear that word?  Offices, restaurants, schools, everywhere you find people together, you hear people talking about energy:

That was a wonderful aerobics class, great energy!
The energy in this music is so exciting.
I love to be around Susan's energy when I'm depressed.
Did you feel the hostile energy in the meeting yesterday?
Those colors are too low energy for this room...
What can we do to energize this project and get it going?
Mr. Lee's lectures are so high energy you don't get tired.  

When I do a demonstration such as described previously, I am actually working with different forms of energy, which we will discuss in greater detail throughout this book.

Yes, energy takes more that one form in this world we live in.  Although you may never have consciously defined energy, you certainly feel it come and go and affect you in many different ways. That is why you can talk about it so easily even though you don't really know what it is.

But what is it?

Where does it come from?  How is it we use this word to describe everything from nuclear power, to colors, to emotions?  And most importantly for readers of this book, what does energy mean in terms of understanding your own personal body, mind, spirit?  What does energy mean in terms of interacting with your environment, forming relationships, and creating our life?  When you finish this book, my hope is that you will know much more about the nature of your own energy, and how to use it to create a life fulfilling your deepest desires.

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

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