In the process of self-discovery with my training under Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I am learning that over the years I have built a lot of false images about myself. As a result, I become close minded to new ideas, new experience, and new opportunities for me to learn and grow from. Stepping back, I realized that I have many pre-made opinions about myself and the different aspect that I thought I have learned from the past. I ask myself, how often do I prejudge myself of what I can do or what I cannot do without even giving it a try? How am I going to learn this way? With such arrogant mind, there’s just no way!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim often tells her student to have a large empty cup! This concept is very clear and easy for me to relate. Isn’t it true that when a cup is full, there is no room to add any more content in it? Doesn’t it over flows…and whatever gets put in; it gets wasted and become useless? I believe that similarly applies to the way our mind operates. Once we tell ourselves that we already know this and that, doesn’t it hinder us to learn any further? We are taught that the best way to learn is to have an open-mind and always be ready to learn because there is always a new perspective and additional lesson to learn on top of what is already known.

Let’s take away the clouds of opinion and self-centered insight to allow ourselves to be free and open to receive new knowledge and wisdom!


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