(Shared by JSW Warrior & Parent, Ben Sorci)

In May of 2015, my wife and I were trying to find activities that all 3 of my children could be involved in. With two girls and one boy, this is extremely challenging. Until then, we were running all over the tri-city area for gymnastics, dance, swim (and that was just for my oldest daughter who was 6 years old at the time).

Jung SuWon was recommended to us by a friend. We went to check it out at the Fremont Burgers and Brew festival and watched the black belts show all of the kids how to kick and punch the pads. We decided to try it for the summer since the kids could go as much as they wanted for the same price.

After the first class, my kids begged to keep coming back. They loved kicking and punching, forms and sparring. They would talk about which instructors taught their class that day and what they got to do. It was amazing to me that they did something different every day and how they all got to share their collective experience with each other.

My own experience started when I enrolled in class in January 2015. I wanted to get healthier in the new year, but I hate the gym. It always felt boring and just so easy to skip. Jung SuWon is a very energizing workout where I learn different things in every class. I have improved strength, balance and flexibility. There is also the perfect 'pop' that a pad makes when you hit it with the proper technique. It is fun, and it gives me a common experience with my kids that I otherwise would not have.

This year, my wife, Deb, also joined the new parents' class program. With the family enrolled, I found a very strong sense of community. All of us have made friends with a wide range of other people who also train at Jung SuWon. We see each other in class, we make time to have kids meet up to play and we even make time for us parents to hang out as well. Being around other families with shared interests and shared experiences has helped us become more connected. I find us supporting other families during demo team events, belt testings and tournaments, and I feel that support reciprocated.  My experience has been extremely positive and I am happy that Jung SuWon is part of our family's life.

Thank you to Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim and to all the Masters and Instructors at Jung SuWon for providing a great place to train and to learn!

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