"Gratitude is the act of recognizing an idea or a quality; and when you do so, you identify with it..." 'Seven Steps to Inner Power', Dr. Tae Yun Kim


I thank God for all the blessings in my life! And I pray for God to help me to be humbler, and always grateful and appreciative!

I remember watching the Olympics and being humbled by the years of dedication and determination each athlete put in to their sport, and their resulting amazing athletic performances. Wow, a human can jump that high? a human can run that fast?!!

Beyond the world record breaking performances, though - I remember watching a moment that I think should go down in all sports history as one of the purest demonstrations of grace and gratitude–

At the 2016 Olympics the USA Women’s Gymnastics team won their first all-around team competition Olympic Gold medal in since 1996! What amazing accomplishment!

But in that historic moment is a seemingly small moment that I think was the biggest moment of all.

Like all other winners in the Olympics, the USA’s Women's Gymnastics walked up stood on the top of the podium and received their hard earned, long deserved, gold medals. Any normal person would be caught up and basking in the glory of the moment. But impulsively, right after team photographs, the USA’s Women’s Gymnastics Team Leader, Ali Raisman, took her gold medal off her neck and ran over and put it around her Coach's neck!

What an incredible, unplanned, from her heart, deep and pure gesture of recognition, appreciation, and gratitude Ali Raisman gave to her coach, Mihai Brestyan, the one who had stood by her, encouraged her, and taught her, for years!

I want to deeply thank the awesome and incredible life coach I am so blessed to have helping me with my life – Dr. Tae Yun Kim!

Dr. Kim’s un-ending love, dedication, loyalty, wisdom, and unconditional love have changed my life. I thank Dr. Kim for all her ‘gold medal in life’ wisdom and teaching!


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