What in your life do you consider "irreplaceable"?  Is this something you think about often?  It is all too easy to overlook this perspective as you get wrapped up in the routine of your day and focussed on the tasks and activities of the moment. But how often do you really consider the "irreplaceable" aspects in your life; your health, your loved ones, your inspirations, just to name a few.  You don't need to wait for something drastic or shocking to happen before you give the irreplaceable things in your life focus and attention (which is too often the case).  Consider now what these things are and give them the attention they need; that YOU need.  Remember that you are more important than your car, your job, your material possessions.  So define what is truly "irreplaceable" to you and give it your attention accordingly.

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Jung Su!

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