Recognizing your Miracles: Recently one of my students was on domestic flight flying from the Midwest back to California. As the plane took off and rose up above the layer of white clouds that had come in from the coastline, he noticed an amazing sight outside his window. Below the airplane was a perfect shadow image of the aircraft in motion, definitively stamped on the white clouds below. Surrounding the image was a brilliantly colored rainbow that completely encircled the image and was tracking right along with the speeding jet. Amazed at the vividness of the image, he adjusted his position to get a closer look. No matter what angle or what window he looked through the image remained as brilliant and sharp as when he first saw it. He then frantically fumbled with his phone and tried to capture the moment on his camera. A few clicks later he actually was able to capture the photo! As he sat and gazed down at the slowly fading image while the aircraft gained altitude, he was hit with a wave of intense gratitude and peace. This was a blessing.
There were over 150 people on the plane, yet how many (if any) had seen this amazing sight? Likely not any. Open you mind and heart to receive all your blessings. Allow yourself to see the signs and appreciate all the subtle details of your life. You are truly blessed, but you have to do your part.

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Jung Su!

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