I’ve come to think about it, how many times do I rely on my alarm clock to wake me up in the morning? How many times have I hit that snooze button? How many times did I get up in the morning disappointed to myself with the thought that if only I woke up earlier, I would have worked on a lot of things by now?

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us to wake up every morning with a purpose and remembering what our mission is in this life. To wake up in the morning with excitement to learn, to uncover, to gain knowledge, experience, wisdom and having the opportunity to make a difference to people’s life. I was really thinking about how many people rely on coffee to get their day going and how dull their daily morning routines with grogginess. Even myself, it’s not always that I feel enthusiastic to wake up early in the morning or take my time to have gratitude for a new day that I am given. But I do try to remind myself as much as possible. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim helps me to recognize that as we have 24 hours a day, do I want to sleep in like ordinary people do and not get anything done, or do I want to get up every morning with visualization and drive to fulfill my purpose and my duty in life. I know this is something that I think about and what inspires me to wake up to my purpose. How about you?

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