Right now, the area of our beautiful country that I am in, there is a huge fire raging - the biggest fire in the country!  We've had smokey air for a few weeks now, which brings respiration problems, burning eyes and a general feeling of heaviness.  There is a fire camp located about 20 miles away where at least 500 first responders are living in tents as they fight this raging fire.

Tae Yun Kim

Basically, these people are on a moment's notice, 24 hours a day to pack up and join with the rest of their brothers and sisters to fight fires around our country.  I was thinking about what it takes to coordinate an effort like that.  They have laundry service, caterers for food, restrooms and everything they need right there so that while they put their lives on hold to fight the fires, they can still have some semblance of order.

I was reminded of how fast things in life can change, and how each person has their own role to play.  No matter how much I want to help, I'd be a liability if I were out there on the front lines with the trained professionals, because I have no training or experience.  We all have our roles in life and not everyone is capable of doing every role.Tae Yun Kim

Dr. Tae Yun Kim shares various examples from the Bible where it talks about one body, but many parts.  The arm can't do what the eyes can do.  The lungs can't do what the fingers do.  But, as long as each part does it's responsibility, the body can function as a whole.

I recently re-watched the movie "Red Dawn", the newer one that came out a few years ago.  There's a scene where the American teenagers have a plan to blow up the bad guys during a rally.  One of the teenagers got distracted when he saw his girlfriend on a prisoner bus.  He left his post to rescue his girlfriend.  Another teenager went to help and he ended up dying.  Needless to say, the mission failed and a prime reason was because the one person abandoned their post, abandoned the plan and went off to do something else that he thought was more important.   That's a tough decision to make: stick to the plan and possibly never see his girlfriend again, or abandon the team and go for the obviously emotional choice.  Removing the emotion, the teenager didn't do his responsibility, the plan failed and one of their team died.  Yeah, it's a movie, but very symbollic of things that happen all the time in real life.

Tae Yun Kim

Dr. Tae Yun Kim always talks about doing our responsibility, especially if it is in a team setting and others are counting on you to do your part.  Of course, things like illness, and unforseen circumstances will impact things.  But, still, the responsibilities need to get done.  If someone is counting on me to get something done, I need to deliver.  And, if there is a real reason why I cannot, then I need to communicate and help to find a solution.

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