My Dear Warrior,

I thank Mighty God for giving me such an incredibly loving family and loyal friends always surrounding me, always loving me.  God has blessed my life in so many ways.

Do you know what happened to me today?

I was in the car and we were stopped at a light.  A woman was trying to cross the street on the crosswalk.  She was maybe 30 or 40 and she was blind. 

I sat and watched her for a few minutes and I thought to myself, “Oh my God. What would happen to me if I didn’t have my eyesight?”

So now, I’m asking you, where are you right now?  Are you complaining about your life? Are you dissatisfied? Are you saying to yourself, “I wish I had this or that?”

Let me tell you.  I want you to know, if you can see what I am writing here now, you have EVERYTHING!

How blessed you are!  You can imagine if you don’t have your eyesight, how much your life would change.

I was sitting in the car watching her and I  said “Wow.  Why am I wondering sometimes?  Why do I question what is happening to me?  Why do I complain?”

Watching this woman using a cane to try to cross the street, I said to myself, “I have everything!”

The point is, each of us, we have to really value what we have.  What will happen to your life if 5 days from now, you don’t have your eyesight or your legs or your hands?

Think about it.  If you feel really depressed and stressed in this present time, if you feel self-pity, and you are always asking God, “why me?” I want you to rethink right now.

I said to God, “Thank you so much for giving me my eyesight, my legs, for giving me what I need to do things.  I have so much gratitude for my life!”

Wow! I can see!  I can hear! I can walk! I can talk! I can touch things!  How amazing is that!

If you have eyes to see, know that you have the whole wide world in your hands!

I love you!

From my heart to your heart,

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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