Back when I was a child, if I had counted my blessings, the things I would have first counted were all materialistic things – I lived in a nice house, had good clothes, and as a teenager had a car to drive, etc…

Now that I’m (ahem) a good bit older, when I happened across this blog from 2012 (see here), I thought about how what I value most has changed through the years.

Now the first thing I count as a blessing,and pray to be continued to be blessed with is ----

Good Health…

Why? Good health maybe doesn't seem glamorous, but now that I am past 50 I am realizing how key and valuable having good health is.

As Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches in her lectures worldwide and classes at Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy, even if you have all the money in the world, if you don’t have good health, not even all the money in the world will give you a happy or good life.

I remember thinking how true Dr. Kim’s words were, when Steve Jobs of Apple, died.

Despite all Steve Job’s billions of dollars, he fell sick and then died at a relatively young age. When Mr. Jobs’ health failed him, even with all money couldn’t ‘buy’ himself a cure, or, at his end, even buy him one more breath, or one more second of a life.

It made me feel, like Dr. Tae Yun Kim also teaches, that I am one of the richest people in the whole wide world!

Why? Because I have my eye sight, I can speak, I can hear, I can walk and move on my own, and I am healthy. If I lost any of those blessings I would pay anything, do anything, to get them back. So, because I have all of them right now – I am very, very, very ‘rich’ and very blessed!

So if you are in good health, and can see, hear, speak, and move on your own – you too are one of the richest ones in the whole world!


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