Dr. Tae Yun Kim says this all the time: 

"Celebrate every living breath as if it were your last."

Recently, there have been severe natural weather disasters all around the globe... Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires...

Unless you were actually in one of the disasters, it's hard to appreciate the true dangers that were present and the value of life. 

My parents live near Orlando, Florida.

They happened to go visit my sister and her family in San Diego before the hurricane reached Florida... But the warnings became stronger for everyone in Florida to flee... That was during the time when my parents' return flight to Orlando was. 

But while everyone was trying to escape Florida, my parents didn't even flinch and flew back to Orlando ignoring my sister's pleas to stay in San Diego with her. 

I only learned about this because my dad texted all us kids to let us know that they arrived safely.  But then he texted that it was eerily quiet on the streets... And really black, no lights...

My heart jumped when I read that. What if it was the eye of the storm? What if it was the quiet before the real hurricane hit?

That's when my Master's teachings jumped out at me. 

When you know danger is present, why do you meet it head on? 

If there is a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk, do you avoid stepping into it because you are afraid of it? Or because you know it will get messy so why put yourself in the situation to deal with it?

Just walk around it. 

If you bought a ticket for a cruise, and you'd been waiting for months for the departure date to arrive, but suddenly a hurricane threatened the very path your cruise was set to take, do you still go on the cruise because you paid a lot of money for the ticket? Even knowing that the seas will be turbulent and potentially dangerous during your time on the ship? 

Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches that we have to be wise.

I was shocked at my parents' decision to fly back into the storm. 
I had read that airlines were charging up to $3000 for tickets OUT of Florida, claiming that the automatic ticket pricing algorithm jumped at the increased demand.

My parents were already in a safe area. Why risk their lives to go back to their house? I checked all the airlines and there were NO flights out of Orlando. And my dad said that the highways were completely clogged with cars. So they didn't even try to escape it!

It just made me realize how precious life is. No one plans to die suddenly from a hurricane, but trees fly into houses, cars are lifted up and thrown into other cars, houses and people. Winds at 96mph aren't gentle. They can cause huge amounts of damage. 

The thought of what ignorance or arrogance could result in was scary. 

How often do I make foolish decisions because I'm either ignorant or arrogant? I can think of lots of times. It's not enough to say, "well, nothing happened, so no big deal..."

Accidents happen in a split second and there's no time to regret. 

Now I see why it's so important to

Celebrate Every Living Breath as if it were my Last

because I never know when that last breath might be. 

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