The Women of Silicon Valley, Women in Technology (WinTec17) conference opened 9am April 19th, 2017 with a burst of color, enthusiasm, and positive energy as Dr. Tae Yun Kim took to the stage for her Keynote address.

Wearing a bright yellow, blue, white, black, red, and green multi-color, bold print double breasted jacket and flare pants, Dr. Kim shared her personal story and her personal life motto, “He can do, she can do, why not me!” to encourage, challenge, and inspire all present to follow their dreams and to never, ever give up!

Throughout her address she also emphasized strength, power and the importance of being true to one’s self always —as she says, “Be an Original, don’t be a copy!”

Using stories from her life as examples, Dr. Kim shared how, being born in 1946 in South Korea, she grew up in the male dominated, Korean culture of the 1940’s and 50’s. She was expected, because she was a girl, only to learn to cook, sew, marry, and have 12 sons. But that wasn't her dream or goal. At just 5 years old she went through the Korean War, and endured starvation and abandonment because, as a girl, she was as just another mouth to feed.

But despite her family and culture trying to limit her, and countless years of fighting prejudice against women in marital arts and in business, Dr. Tae Yun Kim never gave up. As a result, today she has achieved her dreams and goals. She is one of the world’s highest ranked female martial arts, the CEO of a Silicon Valley technology company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, and is a mentor, an author and a keynote and motivational speaker.

Looking at her today you would never suspect the challenges she has had overcome to be where she is today. Her bright bold colors represent, in essence mirror, her bold and un-ending positive determination to achieve her goals, and her desire to help others do the same.

Says Dr. Kim, “It is a fact, that if people choose to, they truly can rise above anything and everything. A great pleasure in life, for me, has been to encourage people that they can succeed. They can rise above their circumstances. They can achieve their dreams!”

The Women of Silicon Valley, Women in Technology (WinTec17) conference was created to inspire, develop, and connect women working in technology.

The two-day event, held April 19-20, 2017, in Santa Clara, CA drew hundreds of top executives from major tech companies throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, including attendees from out of state. Google, Yelp, Netflix, Intel, ebay, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Dell, Uber, GoDaddy, and OpenTable were just a few of the well known technology companies attending the conference.




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