Let’s think about the power of the element of water. It can flow very gently or forcefully. Water yields when it hits an obstacle like an enormous rock and can move a huge tree trunk that is floating on a river. I am learning that people’s mind and spirit has this ability to demonstrate gentleness and toughness as well. Most especially when we are put in a challenging situation, we can be like water by being flexible and demonstrating strength with our mind, our faith, our beliefs that can lead us to take actions to accomplish any and every goal that we set!!!!

One day in class, my mentor, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim uses water an example. She pours the water in the different shape of containers. The water formed according to the shape of the containers.

To be like water, we need to learn to adapt to change since everyday changes are happening in our world. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim taught me that there are many challenges in life that we might not have control over, but we always have control over our attitude.  Having a good attitude, like being flexible is the same way as when water yields when it hits an obstacle. So, what kind of situations are you facing now that you can be like water?


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