“One way to further develop your awareness is to practice using it to appreciate the beauty around you. Appreciation and gratitude are ways of acknowledging that something is present and real. When you acknowledge, and appreciate beauty, you are making it real in your world.” The Silent Master, Dr. Tae Yun Kim

I thought of the above quote from Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s book, “The Silent Master” when I was at my eye doctor’s recently. I go every year and usually at the end of the appointment look at what eye glass styles they have in their showroom. I did that again this year – but this year what really caught my eye were the display cases they had to show off they eye glasses they sell.

I’ve been going to this eye doctor for years but had never ‘seen’ their display cabinets before, just the eye glasses they had. Display cabinets, in a sense, weren’t in ‘my world’ or attention. But recently I moved, re-arranged and updated items in a showroom where I work. As a result, hangers, racks, and display cases have been on my mind. So – that day in my eye doctor’s office I really noticed, for the first time, the eye doctor’s office display cabinets.

I have heard my mentor, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, explain many times that our world is only as big as what we are aware of.

I understand that better now. Just like with these cabinets – before display cabinets, for instance, barely existed to me, they were not really in ‘my world’ – but now that I’ve ‘seen’ them, I have ‘discovered them,’ and my world has expanded that much more, even if just by display cases.

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