In Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s Silent Master Book, she talks about the four stages of self-discovery: Readiness, Energizing, Life Examination and Rebirth. Below is a  story that illustrates the message about readiness.

There’s a story about a rabbit who fell into a deep hole in the woods. He hopped up and down inside the hole time after time after time, trying so hard to get out, but never succeeding. Many other woodland animals came and watched this show, feeling sorry for the rabbit and expressing all kids of sympathy and concern. But, ofcourse, that was no help. Finally, they all left. The next day when they returned to continue watching they found the rabbit and sitting calmly by a tree covering the hole. “You got out!” they exclaimed in amazement.  “How did you do that?” “Well,” the rabbit replied, “there was this big tree falling down over the hole and so…I had to.”

The way I relate to this lesson is that sometimes we give too many options to ourselves. We give excuses after excuses of what we cannot do and why we cannot do it, which leads to procrastination. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is teaching me what it means to be ready and have full commitment in everything that I do. Just like the rabbit was able to jump out of the hole, (he thought was impossible to do) I can relate to many of my own challenges that I have faced especially when I was convinced that  I had no way out or resolving the issue. What I am learning is that when we set our mind to look at every situation as a life and death situation, somehow our creativity, readiness, focus and determination elevates to the next level, to the point where we are able to manage and take charge no matter what situation we are in.

Always remember this message when you feel like you are stuck! Just like the rabbit inside the hole, you can jump out of any situation you might be stuck in at this point of your life.


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