During this process of self-analysis, you may notice that others have weaknesses you don’t have. A word of warning: Perhaps another person does indeed have some weaknesses you don’t have. But, if you find yourself re­acting, especially reacting emotionally to this person’s weakness, chances are 99.9% certain that you also have that weakness. For instance, you may find yourself say­ing, “I just hate the way Julie acts with so little confi­dence in herself. It seems like she’s afraid of her own shadow! I don’t even like to be around her, because her fear bothers me so much.” There is a good possibility the reason you don’t want to be around Julie is because she’s acting out your fear, your lack of confidence. You may be so afraid of this weakness in yourself that you refuse to see it in yourself. Therefore, when you see it in Julie (which you think is safer to do), you react only to Julie when you should be reacting to yourself as well.


By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim,
Seven Steps to Inner Power Page 23-24.

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