I remember hearing Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s teaching about the 5 different sections of people's characters.


The first section is the GERM section.  Germs eat and destroy everything. No matter what, this character can't seem to stop being negative and only has one purpose, to tear down everything and everyone around him.

The second section is the MINERAL/ROCK character.  Obviously, a rock doesn’t move by itself. Only if you kick it then it will go somewhere. A person that has a rock characteristic has no self-motivation.  You have to kick, pull, and micro-manage this person in order for them to do anything.

The third character is the VEGETABLE. A celery has only one purpose: to be a celery.  This character is selfish and only thinking about self.

The fourth character is the ANIMAL.  This character has ability and awareness, but can't organize himself, has no creativity, no focus.  Like a dog who runs from this place to that place.

The fifth character is the HUMAN.  This person thinks and has awareness and the power of choice.  The human character has the ability to use body, mind and spirit in everything he or she does.

It’s time to us ourselves, what kind of character are we truly are? Do we put our body, mind and spirit in what we do? Do we wait until someone tells us what to do? Or are we only interested to do things for ourselves and no one else?

I believe Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is reminding us to let's all strive to be HUMANS in our lives.  This means having compassion for people around us and having awareness, creativity and thought.


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