If your favorite color is blue, you will be encouraged by what Dr. Tae Yun Kim writes about blue –

“To the extent that red is a stimulant, imparting heat (even fever and inflammation in extreme cases), blue is a tranquilizer, imparting coolness to your system. Red speeds up your system, blue slows it down so it can heal and mend. If you have been in an overexcited conditional emotionally, mentally or physically, the blue vibration encourages calm peace and quiet. Taken to the extreme, the blue vibration would produce the withdrawn stillness and quietude of ‘feeling blue,” at which time the stimulation of red, “feeling rosy,’ is needed. Positive qualities associated with blue are will power, aspiration, and reliability. Foods which help impart the blue vibration include grapes, blackberries, blue plums, and any other blue fruits or vegetables. “ “The First Element” by Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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