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Criticism and Judgement and How To Let Go

While you’re reading through this, try to think about times when you may have felt critical of others or yourself.  Did holding those feelings help the situation or did they make it worse?

 As you become more aware of the energy and emotions you want to purge from your environment, try your best not to get caught up in criticizing yourself for the attribute you want to be rid of.  Please don’t be too hard on yourself for having apprehension or being restless or annoyed.  The fact that you’re taking notice of these tendencies means that you’re doing something – you’re starting taking first steps to take control of your life.  As I mentioned earlier, try to analyze these shortcomings with a very close eye.

 When you’re driving down an old road on a hot day and your car gets covered in dust, you wouldn’t think of it as right or wrong.  You understand that this is something that just happens, and you make a mental note to get the car washed the next time you’re in town.  Let’s pretend you’re in a car and it begins to rain, naturally your front window begins to get wetter and wetter so you turn on the windshield wipers to see better.  You’re not going to blame the rain for messing with you and say, “Why is this stupid water getting on my windshield and all over my car, and on a Monday of all days!?”

 It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the rain, partially because the rain doesn’t care about you either.  Maybe you have been experiencing a major drought where you live and you welcome the downpour with open arms, or maybe you’ve had drenching floods lately and you don’t want to see another drop of rain for the rest of your life.  Regardless of how you feel, you have to deal with what’s happening in the moment.  Getting worked up and allowing emotions to negatively influence you won’t help.  In order to move forward, you have to establish a balance, be positive, and take appropriate measures.

 Life is like sailing across an ocean, and in the same way that you experience rough and turbulent weather at times, so too will you experience fear or doubt or jealousy and you’ll want to have your umbrella with you.  That’s perfectly natural.  Observe these attitudes for what they really are and, because you’re being consciously aware just know that they’re holding you back, set your sights on removing them and replacing them with belief in yourself as your own unique person, gratitude for what you already have, and excitement to be alive with a new day of opportunity ripe for the taking.

If you connect with what you’ve read here you might enjoy the book I wrote SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I talk about other life experiences and what I’ve learned in the process.

Message From Dr. Tae Yun Kim

“Energy in Motion is Energy in Process”  The First Element pg 133:

“Some people never take their goals beyond information collecting.  They talk about what they want, they think about it, they look into it, they dream about it, they read books about it, they admire it… but they don’t do anything about it!”

Are you a “collector”?  Are taking the many blessings and gifts that you have been given in your life and storing them under your bed?  Do you have a “Golden Elephant” under your bed that only you can see?  Ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answers; be honest to yourself.  Your energy, your “gifts” are meant to be in motion and meant to be DONE something with.  Discover the amazing strength and results you can achieve be really DOING something with all that you have.  Discover the true joy of being in that process.  I would love to share that with you!  Can Do Now!!

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Message From Dr. Tae Yun Kim

“Before you can express love, you must find love.  You must know love within yourself before you can express it.  You must love yourself before you can give it to another.  When you recognize or experience the truth about yourself you automatically feel love, because love is a quality of your true consciousness and true ideas.” (Seven Steps to Inner Power, pg 70)

In this approaching Valentines Day season we are bombarded by the media with all kinds of images and reminders of how we should show and express our love to each other with all kinds of sweet gifts and tokens of our affection.  What we are not reminded about is the root and foundation of that love and reminded about the true meaning of what it is to love and to be loved.   True love is not always sugary-sweet and cuddling under a warm blanket.  True love involves heavy lifting, sacrifice, compassion, discipline, honesty and gratitude; just to name a few.  Do not forget the root of your love and focus only on the soft and fluffy image of love that is marketed to us so readily.  Be reminded of the foundation of that love and the efforts and actions that are given and taken in building that love on a daily basis.  “But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)  Be reminded of ALL that goes into love and what makes this most precious gift worth celebrating and exercising each and every day.  Fron my heart to yours…

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim


I remember hearing Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s teaching about the 5 different sections of people’s characters.


The first section is the GERM section.  Germs eat and destroy everything. No matter what, this character can’t seem to stop being negative and only has one purpose, to tear down everything and everyone around him.

The second section is the MINERAL/ROCK character.  Obviously, a rock doesn’t move by itself. Only if you kick it then it will go somewhere. A person that has a rock characteristic has no self-motivation.  You have to kick, pull, and micro-manage this person in order for them to do anything.

The third character is the VEGETABLE. A celery has only one purpose: to be a celery.  This character is selfish and only thinking about self.

The fourth character is the ANIMAL.  This character has ability and awareness, but can’t organize himself, has no creativity, no focus.  Like a dog who runs from this place to that place.

The fifth character is the HUMAN.  This person thinks and has awareness and the power of choice.  The human character has the ability to use body, mind and spirit in everything he or she does.

It’s time to us ourselves, what kind of character are we truly are? Do we put our body, mind and spirit in what we do? Do we wait until someone tells us what to do? Or are we only interested to do things for ourselves and no one else?

I believe Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is reminding us to let’s all strive to be HUMANS in our lives.  This means having compassion for people around us and having awareness, creativity and thought.


How to deal with negative emotions?

Every day, we go through many different kinds of emotions! How do you deal with negative emotions?

At Jung Suwon Martial Art Academy, not only does Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us about our physical flexibility but she also teaches us how to be flexible emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

ImageOne day, I read about Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s Seven Steps to Inner Power book on How to Deal with Negative Emotions.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us that the first step is admitting that we feel negative and then keep in mind that we have three options for dealing with negative emotions.

Option 1: Carving in Wood or Stone

Perhaps you may have immortalized a romance between you and your girlfriend or boyfriend by carving your names in a tree trunk or in wet cement. The idea was to make the symbol permanent. You may have already carved some negative emotional states, such as anger, worry, resentment, fear or sorrow, into your consciousness. Those emotions are coming from either your conscious or your subconscious mind. You may have felt so righteously justified in feeling them that you accepted them and had no intention of letting them go. But who does this effect? It only hurts you. Perhaps, when you adopted these negative feelings, you didn’t know that this option would eventually obstruct your growth.

Option 2: Writing in Sand

The native Americans created sand drawings, knowing full well that ultimately the wind would blow them away. This is how I describe negative emotions that are held until something external happens to stimulate them or change them. We haven’t determined to release them. This is an unstable emotional condition because we are not “In charge” of those emotions and we don’t take constructive feelings. May the emotions will be discharged smoothly; maybe won’t. But their presence, until removed, is counterproductive and obstructive.

Option 3: Writing in Water

We cannot write in water. We cannot carve in water. Water’s nature is to flow. And that is how we should treat negative emotion. When it comes, let it go. Let it flow away from you like water moving down a river bed. Do not allow it to aside in your consciousness for any amount of time or to become permanent. Release it as soon as it comes. “I can’t” you may say. You Silent Master says you can. No matter how intense an emotion may be, If you immediately refuse to dwell on it and refuse to focus on it, it will have no staying power. Speed is the key. Act quickly to release it.

After I read this, immediately I evaluated myself in the past. I remember in my childhood, I was very spoiled! Pretty much I was given what I want so easily.  But as I started growing up and getting the chance to face the real world, when a situation arises and things don’t go my way, I never knew how to handle my emotions. Just as the first two options were explained It’s so easy for me to hold grudges on others or beat myself down which only contributes all together to hindering my growth.

When I first read this section of the book, I found myself nodding a lot. Everything totally makes sense. I realized that in the past, I have become one extreme to the other and following the first two options First I thought, if I just don’t think about it and tell myself, it is no big deal then I thought it won’t bother me but found out in the long run that it really does bother me and by that time, the issue becomes bigger. Then, I move on to the extreme end of feeling that I need to ponder on it just so I can make sure that I wasn’t trying to run away from it like what I usually did before. However, I learned that by doing so, I am only entertaining this negative energy and the more I do, the more it just drags me down.  I learn that writing in water means that we acknowledge the negative feeling that we have and that we are completely aware of it.  Instead of hanging on the negative emotions we must let it flow like water and then ask ourselves the questions like, what can I learn from this situation?

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!! Yes, Even Me!!!


Today when I opened “Seven Steps to Inner Power” my eyes fell on this passage Dr. Kim wrote –

“He can do, She can do, why not me!”

“This is a saying I teach students who are studying the physical form of Jung Suwon. This saying has several meanings that apply equally to mental, spiritual, and physical power. First, on a physical level it means that physical strength and the knowledge of self-defense derived from physical Jung Suwon training are available to both men and women alike. No one is limited by gender..”

“Strength is one of the ideas expressed by your Silent Master Consciousness. It is part of your identity whether you are a man or a woman. Because strength is an idea, can the idea of strength be ‘stronger’ in a man than a woman? No. Ideas do not come in degrees of intensity. Ideas are just themselves and they are the same in the minds of both men and women.” Seven Steps to Inner power, Dr. Tae Yun Kim

When I started training, Dr. Kim’s statement, and personal motto, “He can do She can do Why Not me!”was very powerful for me. (And continues to be today too!) As a skinny, short little girl I never thought I could do any kind of ‘sport’. And so I didn’t. The most consistent activity I did as a kid was to turn the pages of a book. When I thought of the word ‘strength’ I only thought of physical strength, and didn’t think anything like ‘strength’ could ever apply to  me.

But Dr. Kim’s teaching and life story inspired (and continues to inspire) me that I too can express strength – physical, mental, and emotional – and that I can grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally too. And I have! Through training at Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy, I’ve absolutely grown stronger internally and externally than I ever thought I could when I was that skinny little bookworm of a girl!

Thank you Dr. Tae Yun Kim for sharing your motto and wisdom with the world!



Your Subconscious Mind – Invisible Thoughts?

To understand where invisible thoughts come from, you must realize that you have a conscious mind (accessible to your immediate awareness) and a subconscious mind (outside of your immediate awareness).  The prefix “sub” means underneath; so by definition, you have thoughts and feelings “underneath” you conscious mind, which you are not aware of.  You are however, affected by these thoughts and feelings.  Although you are not aware of them, they still operate.

What is your subconscious mind?  It is a storehouse of everything you have experienced –all your thoughts, feelings, memories; all the programming you’ve experience since you were born.  It is like an amazingly accurate video and audio tap recorder of your entire experience.  It is subconscious because your conscious mind was not designed to hold this volume of information.  your conscious mind has a different responsibility:  it processes only the information you need to function in the present moment.  To open a soda can, you don’t need to remember the color of the baby crib you slept in ( which is stashed away in your subconscious).

Fortunately, your conscious mind can “ask” your subconscious mind for information, and the information can suddenly become conscious.  Your conscious mind is similar to the cursor on a computer screen.  It goes where you direct it.  “What was the name of that red-haired girl I liked in the second grade?”  you many wonder.  While you’re doing the dishes a few days later, you suddenly remember.  Or, “Why is it that when I see Chuck, I feel like painting?”  You may suddenly become aware that Chuck looks exactly like and old friend in your high school art class.  Note that the cursor (your conscious mind) doesn’t need to know the contents of the program or how the computer functions (your total consciousness); its only function is to select and focus.

Teachings from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
Life Story – see more about Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

Creating Your Life!


On page 28 of  “Seven Steps” Dr. Tae Yun Kim explains that we each have the ability to do… and states,

“You have been creating your life since the day you were born.”

Reading Dr. Kim’s words, this Thanksgiving Week, I thought about what my life would be like now if I had not met Dr. Kim and started training in martial arts at Dr. Kim’s Jung SuWon Martial Arts. My life would have been empty, purposeless, unchanging, lonely, and I’ve have been very cynical for sure.

Since I started training under in 1992 and working at her Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Dr. Kim has given me a chance to create a totally different life: a life full of purpose, new and changing opportunities, family, and teamwork.

On this Thanksgiving week I especially want to thank Dr. Kim for being a hope and inspiration to millions of people, for her un ending, never give up spirit, and for giving me the opportunity to have the awesome life and job I have now. Thank you Dr. Tae Yun Kim!!


Greatest are those who serve others!

To all our soldiers and veterans of the United States Armed services – Thank you!!!!

This Veterans Day, I remembered Dr. Tae Yun Kim, internationally known author, life coach, lecturer, and founder of Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy explaining once the following passage in the Bible that Jesus spoke to his Disciple:

 Who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27

Dr. Kim explained Jesus totally dedicated His life to serving others, and while its common to think that the person serving is somehow lesser than the person served  – really the person serving is the richest one.

Why is that? Because the person who is serving is in the position of being able to give. That means they have something TO give. You can’t give, if you don’t have, so it you have something to give, you are the richest one!

Before training at Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy, I thought ‘giving’ was limited ‘things’ like lots of money or physical items, but Dr. Kim has explained that giving and serving goes far beyond these –

So, a great big shout out to all the men and women soldiers of the United Status of America’s armed services – past, present and future!

Thank you! Because you have given your dedication, loyalty, and determination, all of us in the USA live in this free and great country!


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