May 13, 2013 


Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



Silent Master Image VI

You Are Complete,Peaceful, and Fulfilled

Your Silent Master expresses completeness, fulfillment, harmony, peace, joy, and love, and imparts these qualities to everything It creates.


Now we have arrived at the fourth stage of Self Discovery: rebirth. In the first stage, the readiness stage of Self Discovery, we looked at how to get control of your thinking so you could begin to shape your thinking and your environment; in the second stage, the energizing stage, we looked at ways to purify your thinking and environment so that you could utilize more of your natural power and energy as you shape your life; in the third stage, the life examination stage, we looked at how you can redefine yourself in order to bring out your true self, and to get on and stay on the path you desire. Now we look at the rebirth stage where you actually realize make real your goals and objectives. This stage is a culmination of the first three, and like the first three, it happens on a daily basis, even moment by moment.

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