May 21, 2013 

Love Is the Universal Life Force

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Love Is the Universal Life Force, Your Silent Master

When you find this real Love in your life, you have a special feeling of happiness that is not dependent on anyone or anything in order to be. That's because it comes from you, not to you from outside sources. This Love that is right within you now is your Silent Master consciousness. When you express this Love, you are expressing your Silent Master.

It's a quiet joy, but also one that expresses great enthusiasm. When you feel this Love, you're glad to be alive, and grateful to wake up every day and live your life. This Love finds beauty everywhere, and appreciates how creative life is, knowing that possibilities exist everywhere to create more joy and more happiness and more freedom. This Love can't be hurt or destroyed because it is pure energy. It can be temporarily clouded over, but not destroyed. When it is clouded over with negative emotions or painful situations, this Love keeps on loving until harmony is reached again.

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