Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

 Be Willing To Sacrifice a Worn-Out Self-Concept

You may say, “Of course, I’m willing to change. I want a new life. I want to become who I really am.” You may feel highly motivated.Dr Tae Yun Kim QuotesIt’s good that you say these words, but putting these words into action requires letting go of old Self-Concepts that may be bound tightly to your personality. This is why I stress the inner power step of sacrifice as you get ready for Self Discovery. Your willingness to change must be accompanied by a strong motivation to sacrifice certain aspects of yourself that are not truly you. Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

About Tae Yun Kim.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a CEO, entrepreneur, author, martial arts grandmaster and expert in personal transformation.

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