February 25, 2013 


Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Energy has a characteristic of being dynamic - that is, it doesn't stay put. All you have to do is study electrical energy to see how energy fields move around - attracting, repelling, moving, and interacting. Your own energy does the same.

Just as you put energy into your food when you grow it or prepare it, you also fill your environment with your energy. A room full of people can create an energy field that can be positive or negative, depending on the intent of everyone. Is the intent to harmonize and cooperate? Or is the intent for many different wills to each have their way? We've all had the experience in families or other group situations where the results of either kind of field - oppression or joy - can be felt.

The pure ideas and feelings of the Silent Master consciousness are of a higher energetic level than negative ideas and emotions. Love is a higher energy than hate; generosity is a higher energy than greed; unity is a higher energy than conflict; harmony is a higher energy than discord. All of these energy states can exist in consciousness, but a higher energy state has the “effect of canceling out a lower energy state.

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