February 22, 2013 

Physical Exercise is Energy in Motion

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Physical Exercise is Energy in Motion

If you want greater physical freedom, you must understand that your body will respond very much to your mind, and your mind will respond to what you do with your body. Free physical movement is a picture of the free mobility of consciousness. Have you tried to play a good game of tennis or another sport when your mind was preoccupied with some worrisome situation? You may have noticed when you're tense and nervous, your body doesn't move freely and easily. The tense state literally tends to keep your muscles rigid. And just the reverse is true: when you are happy and relaxed, your physical movement is generally free and easy.

Even the medical profession recognizes the connection of body and mind in the physical therapy process. A person who must learn to walk again, after an accident, goes through many emotional and mental changes in the process of reconnecting with the walking muscles. The therapists work with the patients' attitudes as well as their muscle groups.

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