February 8, 2013 

Candle Meditation

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Candle Meditation

Here is a visual meditation I use to open my awareness to my spiritual self. The candle and special rituals with fire or light have been used by mankind for this purpose for thousands of years. Light has special mystical significance to our inner being. It's not by accident that candles are lighted to show respect at special occasions or extraordinary events, or to show honor for revered persons, or to deliver a special message as protesters do when they hold lighted candles in a march, or to add significance to certain religious ceremonies. Intuitively, we know our inner being is light, and the candle helps us turn our attention to our spiritual being, especially when we need help above and beyond our material efforts. The flame reminds us of our pure being the clarity, warmth, life and love that burns in our Silent Master consciousness.


(to be continued...)

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