June 8, 2021 

Dr. Kim Helping the Kids

Your donation today will help others today and tomorrow

Partnering with Churches in Action to Create Positive Change: 

There are always those in need of help, and Churches in Action has responded to that call. They are an organization with a tireless dedication to bettering the world around us and the lives of others through direct acts of service. Dr. Kim has partnered with Churches in Action to join this movement, giving back to the community and offering support to those facing challenges. She is committed to lifting up those around her and helping them to reach their full potential. Compassion comes first.

Churches in Action is involved in a number of humanitarian causes, mobilizing throughout the year to advocate for those undergoing hardship. Below are a few of their community service programs.

Backpack Giveaways

School supplies can be expensive, and with many families living in poverty, it isn’t always easy to come by. This is why Churches in Action organizes backpack giveaways, donating backpacks filled with supplies to children in need so that they have the materials to help them find success in school. 

Education Programs

Teachers have long been undervalued and underpaid. Churches in Action supports teachers and stands behind their cause, working to get schools the funding they need in order to offer children the education experience they deserve. 

Youth & Adolescent Programs

Churches in Action recognizes that youth can be a vulnerable time, with many kids falling victim to challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and gang recruitment. In response to this, Churches in Action seeks to shield these youths from risks like the ones listed above and to provide them with the guidance they need to see the different possibilities available to them in life.   

Homeless Programs

There are many out there experiencing homelessness. These are people struggling to get by and in need of support with basic necessities like food, clothing, and warmth. Churches in Action refuses to turn a blind eye to these individuals and has made it their responsibility to lend a helping hand.

Senior Citizen Programs

Old age can bring about hardship for those struggling to adapt or left without the necessary resources to care for themselves. Churches in Action provides health and wellness programs to aid these elderly citizens and to help them manage their lives as seniors. 

These are just a selection of the many services provided by Churches in Action in their journey to promote wellness and access to resources for all. If any of these causes resonate with you, consider donating today. Not only is giving back personally rewarding, it is a powerful way to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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