July 3, 2013 

An Open Mind Helps Remove Unwanted Attachments

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

An Open Mind Helps Remove Unwanted Attachments

One of the things we are most attached to is our point of view. This particular attachment makes it difficult for us to understand the feelings and motivations of others. Sometimes in my seminars I hold up an ordinary object like a cup or cassette, and ask four people to sit around me and describe what they see. I encourage them to freely speak their mind. Before long, they're arguing with each other about what the object "really looks like" because their points of view are so radically different. From this discussion, they get an opportunity to experience how a person's individual point of view is typically quite inflexible, and how one will emphatically argue without really listening to someone else.

An open mind means you are willing to consider other points of view, and that you will take other perspectives into consideration before drawing iron clad conclusions or making black and white judgments. This open minded stance will not only help us get along better with each other, but will also help us intelligently evaluate the quality of our government, our leaders, and our laws.

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