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Are you having problems at home?
Worried about how you will reach your goals?
Unsure what your next move should be?
These times are not easy, for everyone all over the globe. While humanity fights this common scourge, many faiths and perspectives have come together to address a single problem: survival.

Dr Tae Yun Kim is a CEO, entrepreneur, author, celebrated martial arts Grandmaster and a mentor to millions of people worldwide. Unlike many celebrities, she didn’t start out famous, or from a wealthy family. Instead, she was abandoned in the countryside of wartorn Korea, left to perish because she was “only a girl.”

Through sheer force of will, and the emotional strength that came from rigorous martial arts training, Dr Kim was able to propel herself from bitter poverty to a new life in the United States. At first, she worked in a gas station, and later as a hotel chambermaid. She had no language skills, and no experience with American culture other than her driving interest and curiosity in the world around her.

In 1980, Dr Kim founded a small computer company that has become a worldwide leader in cleanroom technology, helping governments, companies, and science research centers maintain safe and healthy laboratories and medical facilities. Her book, Seven Steps to Inner Power, has been published in multiple languages, and is sold across the globe.

Dr Kim is not a religious figure. There are no donations, or hidden “agendas” to follow to gain wisdom and perspective
from her teaching. All that is required is a desire to better yourself, and the world around us to participate in this extraordinary forum.

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