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The Real You Waiting to Be Unleashed

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the real you waiting to be unleashed: Moving from a limited sense of self to tapping into the power of your unlimited self does require a change, and change can be frightening.  If you want to live up to your full power and potential, however, you will have to change.  When we’ve been sleeping in the dark, our eyes are used to the darkness.  So when someone suddenly draws back the curtain and the daylight comes flooding in, don’t we pull the covers over our head and moan, “Close that curtain!  You’re hurting my eyes!”  The bright light causes discomfort at first, even pain, but that feeling eventually goes away.  In the same way, your limited self may be accustomed to living in comfortable darkness.  If you are willing to experience the initial discomfort that the light brings, you will soon grow accustomed to the brightness and see a whole new world illumined by the light. As you open to a new way of seeing and being, new opportunities will come.  Yes, challenges will come your way too – challenges within and without.  That is part of life’s journey.  Yet, as we learn in the martial arts and as you’ll see examples of in this book, you can use a force coming your way to your benefit.  You can learn to ride the wave of those challenges to create greater growth, mastery, and overcoming.  In fact, it is in facing those challenges that you will learn the most about yourself. The way of the warrior on the path to inner power is to realize who you are in truth and to demonstrate it, a process of evolution that continues throughout your life.  The work of the warrior is joyous and every encounter is an adventure.  As a warrior, you know that the obstacles and limitations you confront are destined to fall because they were never a part of your real self. No matter what challenges arise, you are never alone.  Your inner strength is waiting for you right now.  Your courage and creativity are waiting for you  Your excitement and dedication and discipline are waiting for you.  All these qualities and more are part of your support team, waiting to be unleashed.  I know you may not be used to feeling that these qualities are a part of you, and you might have some fear about what your life will be like when you step out of your comfort zone.  But I promise you that you will love the sense of freedom, peace, and purpose that comes when you meet who you really are.  Are you ready to experience the real you? Visit me online at my school, Jung SuWon or on Vimeo Enjoy some of these recent articles published in Psychology TodayInspireNation and Parabola
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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss visualization:

A Powerful Tool for Turning Ideas into Form

As I sat in the fields and watched the moon flowers gently open at night, I was also amazed that, even in the moonlight, their color was beautiful.  I remember having the thought that surely our ideas of color come from nature.  I thought about how often people look at flowers or a beautiful sunset and want to imitate those colors somehow – in art, in clothing, in many ways.  Isn’t it interesting that the purity of nature, its original natural beauty, inspires us to capture it or duplicate it?  Certainly, that is one form of visualization – reproducing in representative ways what we see in the world around us. Although ideas seem quite invisible compare to moon flowers or sunsets, they are as real and inspiring.  Aren’t you just as excited by a wonderful new idea as you are to experience something rare and beautiful in nature?  In the same way that the world of nature inspires us to imitate its beauty, so we are naturally impelled to capture the beauty of true ideas in material form.   Remember that the true ideas that come to you are coming from your Silent Master: “Your Silent Master is your real self, your original self.  It expresses itself through your thinking, through true ideas and thoughts in your mind.”  Those ideas are the primal, original source of everything that manifests in visible form.  In fact, the word idea is derived from the Greek root word that means “to see.”  So an idea automatically carries with it the concept of visibility.  Haven’t you noticed that when you understand an idea, you usually say, “I see.”  In our universe, we turn ideas into material form.  Visualization is a powerful tool for doing so. Visualization is the process of forming a mental image. The process of forming images in our mind is also called imagining, something most of us do with relative ease.  The word image comes from the same Latin root as the word imitate.  This means that when we form an image, we are imitating, or creating a likeness of, something else.  That something else is an idea. All images, whether those you see outside yourself or those you see in your mind’s eye, are visible duplications of some idea. Visit me online at my school, Jung SuWon or on Vimeo Enjoy some of these recent articles published in Psychology TodayInspireNation and Parabola  
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Capture the Positive Momentum

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss capturing the positive momentum: If you find yourself growing more and more uncomfortable with your negative emotions, if they are annoying distractions to the little flame of peace and well-being starting to glow within you, if yo   u find yourself wanting to nurture even the smallest, most quiet feeling of self-appreciation, if you find yourself wanting, really wanting, to be happy within yourself, you are feeling your Silent Master.  You have already met each other.  Now you can know that this little manifestation of real feeling is destined to unfold into the whole consciousness of love, peace, harmony, and creative power. All you need to do is harness this unfolding power, hold on to it, and let it grow.  Then consciously work to replace your negative emotional patterns with feelings that support your goal, whatever it may be.  Have you heard that nothing succeeds like success?  That is so.  Every positive feeling expands and creates more positive feelings.  Capture this momentum. Remember, “Your Silent Master expresses completeness, fulfillment, harmony, peace, Joy, and love and imparts these qualities to everything it creates.”   Because your Silent Master is the consciousness of love, and because you are your Silent Mater, love yourself!  Lift yourself out of your negative emotional patterns with determination and total commitment. Visit me online at my school, Jung SuWon or on Vimeo Check out some of these recent articles published in Psychology Today and Parabola
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A Healthy Mental Immune System

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss a healthy mental immune system:


Now that we’ve been exploring what purity means as a step to inner power, you may be wondering where hate, illness, greed, lust, revenge, and all other negatives come from if your real self knows and embodies what is pure – love, health, generosity, compassion, etc.  In actuality, negative concepts are not ideas at all.  They are the absence of an idea, the unreal shadows of something real.  When you see a shadow on the ground, you are not fooled into thinking it has substance.  However, you do know there is something of real substance nearby that is casting the shadow.  In other words, the shadow tells you that there is something real at hand.  Can a shadow of yourself exist without you?

Here, then, is some good news – negative ideas are substantially unreal, like shadows.  When you experience them, they are only pointing to a real idea you are not expressing.  This means there is really nothing standing in the way of your purity.  Truly, there is only one reality, and you can make it your business to express it.  You can fill the void of your negatives or anyone else’s by forming the positive idea.

Take greed, for instance, clearly a negative condition that is self-destructive.  Greed is the absence of the knowledge that you have the power to create all that you need out of your own ideas.  Greed is the absence of the knowledge that you are complete and whole.  If you truly know that you can have what you think, that you can have all you need, that you are complete and whole, you do not feel greed.

Hate is the absence of love.  That thing you hate so much – isn’t it true that you hate it precisely because it falls so short of what you love?  “I hate him” means “I love certain qualities he does not express.”  Because you know that hating will only reinforce and perpetuate the negative condition, you can choose to fill this negative void with loving energy that envisions and therefore helps to bring about the positive pictures.  Fear is the absence of power.  You can fill this void by knowing that in truth you are a powerful being who has the inner strength to overcome any obstacle.

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