House Burning for a Reason, continued

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Meanwhile, the storm tore through the village as well. The fisherman’s family was at home when it hit. Without warning, their roof suddenly crashed down upon them and flames shot out from the stove. Flames began engulfing the house quickly, and although they tried to put out the fire, all was to no avail. Frightened for her children’s lives, the wife was almost more afraid of her husband’s rage when he would return to find the house burned down. Still, she sent the children to the docks to look for her husband since he hadn’t returned on time.

The children were likewise frightened as they ran to the docks. Even though they normally thought only of how they feared their father, now they truly worried he was in danger. At the docks, they saw most of the fishermen had returned safely, but their father was nowhere to be found. They stood and called and waited.

Out at sea, the storm had finally abated. But it was totally dark. There in the black of night, the fisherman floated about weeping, clinging to the piece of wood, very, very alone. All his life he had been an angry man, taking for granted all that he had, complaining about everything. Now he was going to die alone in the middle of the darkness and a vast compassionless ocean. Strangely, his thoughts turned to his family. He thought intensely about how he had never told them he loved them, and how he’d never taken any time with them. He really did care for them, and now he deeply regretted his miserable life, and how he had never known any joy or warmth. At this moment, he wanted to be with his family more than anything in the world.


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